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My passion for writing started early in life by creating short stories from printer paper, crayons, and childish handwriting. This quickly turned into scribbling poems down during class and reciting newly-thought-up songs to friends. As I got older, I knew I wanted to mold my skill into something that could propel me forward in a career.

I got my first taste for journalism at the beginning of 2018 when I was asked to cover Full Sail’s Hall of Fame 9 by subjectively reviewing events and panels for a blog. After a successful week of one article a day, I realized I loved giving those who couldn’t actually be at the event at least a little piece of it so they could feel like they were there. I then went on to interview bands at Welcome to Rockville, a three-day rock festival which spiraled me into a music journalism career. Since then, I have worked with four websites/publications writing concert previews/reviews, interviewing bands, and sharing my passion for writing and music.

While music journalism has been my niche, I strive to use my skills of writing and content creation to branch into new career paths. I love logo design and social media graphic work. I also have an interest in marketing and the connection between digital media and consumers. I look forward to creating new content!​

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